Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mickey's Halloween Party: The Cadaver Dans

Once finished with the Dark Rides (long lines prevented us from going on Mr. Toad and Peter Pan), we took the path that cuts through to Frontierland. The lighting here is incredible and makes this somewhat ordinary tree-lined path EXTRAORDINARY.

A few different colored-lights make this area pure visual magic.

A skull and crossbones is projected onto Big Thunder Mountain.

The Horseshoe is not immune to the Halloween theming.

Although hard to capture with a photo, the Rivers of America benefits the most from the Halloween atmosphere. Between the fog pumped over the water and the special lighting, it's easy to get into the mood of the season.

The Columbia has an eerie green glow. Halloween theming or the result of too many sugary snacks?

Finally, the moment I'd looked forward to the most had begun: the arrival of the Cadaver Dans!

Floating on a raft, surrounded by fog, the quartet (with a sinister-looking driver) drew a crowd with their four-part harmonies.

I could have listened to them all night.

NEXT UP: Haunted Mansion Holiday!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Mickey's Halloween Party, Pt. 3

The last Fantasyland Dark Ride for this visit focuses on Snow White's Scary Adventures.

I didn't really notice anything new…

but did my best to capture a few details that are easily overlooked as your Mine Car zips by each scene.

It will be interesting to see how this classic Dark Ride gets updated when it goes down with the rest. Hopefully it will be done as well as the Alice attraction.

Dopey is my absolute favorite character in this movie; so glad he is featured here, too!

I had never noticed the cracked egg on top of the organ before.

Here we have the original hater; she just can't let happiness alone.

It's not jewels that she is after though.

This part of the attraction could stand a little sprucing.

The transitions from plastic jewels to cutouts are a little jarring.

A few menacing hecklers:

The transformation scene. So simple, yet so effective.

How many kids have had the daylights scared out of them by this Old Crone?

Making the poisonous apple:

A detailed view of the witch's shelves:

The trees in the forest are a real bear to photograph because it is so durn dark. Thus…a Dark Ride.

Somehow I actually snagged this shot of the Old Crone and the hologram apple.

I also managed this panorama of the final scene. Be sure to click on it to see it at full-size.

And the poor Old Crone, just about to meet her death.

I'm not sure if this is new, but I had never noticed this lit window outside of the Peter Pan attraction before:

A detailed shot of the contents:

NEXT UP: The Cadaver Dans!

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Convair Confidential!

With the recent passing of my stepmother, I was reminded of a treasure trove of photos that were stamped "CONFIDENTIAL" from her days at the San Diego Wind Tunnel. These gems from the 1950's show her and her friend/coworker Kay posing with a model.

From the San Diego Wind Tunnel website:

Construction on the San Diego Wind Tunnel started in 1944 and was finished in 1946. The San Diego Wind Tunnel has been operating since May of 1947 and was built to provide aerodynamic testing for Consolidated Aircraft, the manufacturer of the B-24.

The San Diego Wind Tunnel, located on Pacific Highway, originally began operations under the direction of Consolidated Vultee (Convair) in May 1947. General Dynamics assumed operations in 1961 when the company acquired Convair. General Dynamics' Convair Division (and later Lockheed) operated the facility until a private company took over in 1994. The San Diego Wind Tunnel remains the only privately held low-speed aeronautical wind tunnel in the United States.

Could this be where the term "Space Cadet" was coined?

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

At Home With Mary Pickford

These undated negatives are most likely from the 1950s/1960s and they show America's original Sweetheart of the Silent Screen, Mary Pickford, relaxing at Pickfair, the estate she built with her ex-husband Douglas Fairbanks. On the table you can see a photo of the two children she adopted with husband Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Ronald Charles and Roxanne.

In this second shot, it becomes clear that the positioning of the children's portrait was crucial to the composition, as it is moved to a different table so that it can still be in view.

Zooming into the publication on her lap, it looks like she is editing some papers from McCall's magazine.

This image from fall 1954 shows the exterior of Pickfair:

with a closeup of the named pillar in front. Apparently, husband Buddy didn't mind living in the home (or the shadow) of Pickford's second husband.

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