Saturday, October 25, 2014

Baby LeRoy

Born May 12, 1932, Ronald Le Roy Overacker was the birth name of Baby LeRoy, who is best known as a comic foil for the bombastic W. C. Fields. His career on the silver screen began when he was less than a year old, co-starring with Maurice Chevalier in "A Bedtime Story" (1933) and ended with a cameo role as himself in "Cinema Circus" (1937). Today's photo shows Baby LeRoy with Fields in "The Old Fashioned Way" (1934), which was his second feature with the bulbous-nosed comedian ("Tillie and Gus," 1933, was the first, and "It's a Gift," 1934, was the third).

Here's the vintage publicity blurb that accompanied this photo:

HOW ABOUT A HUNK? Baby LeRoy celebrated his birthday with a new Paramount contract, and this cake, which W. C. Fields seems to want a large slice of. The old feudists are working together in "The Old-Fashioned Way."

I guess it took four gals to help Baby LeRoy sign his contract.

There are also a number of photos that exist showing Baby LeRoy paired with Shirley Temple. This still is from the set of "Little Miss Marker." The two are held by director Alexander Hall.

In Hollywood Magazine's September 1934 issue, they ran a story titled "Baby LeRoy's First Date." Here are a few photos from that feature.

I guess Baby LeRoy was making more money at this point, as it appears he paid for the date.

Nothing like a soda fountain beverage to finish off the perfect date.

A starring role in the 1940 film "The Biscuit Eater" was to have been LeRoy's comeback, but due to illness, the director was forced to recast, and LeRoy never appeared in another film. Instead, he became a merchant seaman. In 1957, he appeared as a guest challenger on the TV panel show "To Tell The Truth." He died in Van Nuys, California on July 28, 2001.

I found this photo on the web, which is supposed to be Baby LeRoy all grown up.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Mickey's Halloween Party: The Grand Finale

Today marks the last of my Mickey's Halloween Party photos; still more trip report photos for next week though!

These gigantic Mickeys are all over the park;

some show fear…

some show happiness:

Nice to see the Ray Bradbury Tree in Frontierland continues its annual tradition of being decorated for Halloween:

This talking scarecrow in Frontierland is just one step away from a creepy clown.

No dessert was had at the Plaza Inn, so a sugary treat needed to be found. The Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square was the perfect place for this.

A tasty mint julep (love those maraschino cherries!)…

and a sack of piping hot Pumpkin Beignets.

Heading back to Central Plaza for the Halloween Fireworks, I snapped a few of the Adventureland attractions, specially lit for the evening.

Even the Treehouse looks scary at night!

Unlike previous years, we didn't fight too hard to get the perfect viewing spot for the Fireworks. If you go, you really need to be DEAD (pun intended) center in order to see the special lighting on the castle and the large round orbs that surround the castle. We were at the left side, which totally obliterated the view to just about anything other than the fireworks themselves. At least we could still see Zero flying over the Castle!

The beignets were delish, but when we saw just how empty The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour was, we could not resist. This just never happens!

The Firehouse Dalmatian Mint Sundae is a Daveland favorite (more maraschino cherries!):

The Carnation Café was closed, so I took advantage of this occasion to snap some interior shots, including this wide panorama photo:

Previously, we had missed the Town Square Disney Villains finale, so we made a point to catch it this time.

Lady Tremain and her evil daughters were ablaze!

A quartet of cadaverous gents:

Your typical assortment of all-star Disney Villains:

Last one for today shows the cool Halloween lighting on the Main Street Train Station:

I hope these posts have gotten you into the Halloween Spirit; do you have your costume yet for trick or treating?

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mickey's Halloween Party: POTC

Today's journey begins at Lafitte's landing. I believe I see a fan in the blue-lit area where cast members hang out. It probably gets hot up in that room.

It may be quiet and boring, but the Blue Bayou section of this attraction is one of my favorites.

Approaching the cabin with the man in the rocking chair:



This area is difficult to photograph, as it is extremely dark:

Ye come seeking adventure, with The Jolly Roger:

Note that the front seat is great for photos, not so great for staying dry. Get ready for that plunge!

I didn't do so well with my photo of the storm; always difficult to time it just right with the lightning. I did get the rain effect in the background though.

Care for a drink?

A closeup of Marc Davis' painting:

A warning from Davy Jones himself:

Davy Jones begins to dissolve as the boats pass through the mist:

This scene is always impressive; the Wicked Wench looks massive:

Down for a dunking, you can almost hear the mayor gurgling.

Panning to the left, you can see Jack Sparrow hiding to avoid a dunking himself…or worse.

I think the flute player might be next.

The infamous Wench Auction:

with its star, the Red-Headed Wench:

Panning over to the Auctioneer:

Hecklers of the auction:

Up close:

and closer still:

The Gluttonous Pirate and Jack Sparrow:

Still only one cat in the "Here kitty, kitty" scene:

The 3 Minstrels take over the "Yo Ho Yo Ho" tune, along with their howling dog.

Let's not forget the donkey!

A closeup of the trio, which shows a familiar face mold on the left. It can seen throughout the attraction, including the pistol duel at the end.

The Hat Thief that is normally here was once again gone; this particular animatronic must be a problem, as it seems he has been missing on and off quite a bit for the last year or so.

The pirate overhead, often called "The Hairy-Legged Pirate."

Not so hairy anymore! He must be manscaping.

This dog is not interested in what these blokes are offering; they are eternally condemned to prison.

Come back tomorrow for some Halloween Fireworks!

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